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Whether people like it or not, this is more creative and better animated than 90% of the submissions on this website.. I'm not saying you don't have a messed up mind.. but I respect if for what it is

You sir are one of the best...

It doesn't even matter what you put up anymore.. I'll always find it hilarious and when I show my friends, they just think I'm gay or retarded... or both... On a fan based note, I'm relived to see that Randy is still an available character in your repertoire.. there are so many unanswered questions to be answered regarding this ambiguous protagonist... I feel there needs to be a Randy trilogy in order to further explain the events leading up to the highly anticipated pleasure island 4.... But thanks man. we owe you...


That's pretty impressive my friend. I give it a 3 just for the suspense... who is this protagonist? Why is he upset? how did he obtain such a huge xbox controller?... so many unsolved mysteries...

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Im going to email this game to my professor..

and tell him this is the reason I didn't get shit done last night.. great game though

Solid tutorial

I liked the bit on hierarchy's, I could never figure out how to connect things from within a movie clip to the main stage and this is the only tutorial Ive ever seen that talks about it. So for that good job and I tried to recommend it to the tutorial section but i couldn't but i had trouble finding it out of all the collections.

Adamki11s responds:

Don't worry. And thank you :D. I don't think that many people who reviewed appreciated the work I put into this but you clearly do. Thanks :D

Solid game

This is a simple good looking game with a lot of clever puzzles. I like the twist you put on the game by having the floors that disappear when you go over them. My only problem is level 20.. I've spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out and its driving me crazy. Overall though awesome job.


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